DisplayShops Notes

Current Build: 2.0 (Build 1)

Current Status: Not Yet Released

Direct access to the plugin's API can be found here.

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The latest config-files can be found below:

config.yml menus.yml lang.yml

BOLD wording below indicates changes made in this EXACT build listed above.

API Changes

  • Several functions from the "Manager" interface were removed or implemented granting more control over specific features in a more simplified manner.

  • All chat-interaction related events and enumerations were combined into the "ChatInteractionEvent" event.

  • The "ShopCreationEvent", "ShopDeletionEvent", and "ShopItemSetEvent" alongside the "EditType" enumeration were all combined into the "ShopEditEvent" event. In addition, all modification related actions have been given their own edit type.

  • The "EconomyCallEvent" now nests the "CallType" enumeration and was gutted to allow more universal usage across the plugin.

Plugin Changes

  • The "menus.yml" was completely re-worked and will require a reset. It is recommended to copy out your existing file before.

  • The metadata "NPC" tag is now check for as it was realized that player listeners were firing for NPCs from other plugins.

  • Shops are now saved individually asynchronously after an action provokes the "ShopEditEvent" which is always listened to on "MONITOR" priority to allow modifications before saving. In addition, the task is delayed by 1 second to ensure the data modifies the shop first (No more saving all shops at one given time).

  • The auto-saver is no more due to the above change.