FactionWP Notes

1Current Build: 1.8.6 (Build 10)

Current Status: Discord

BOLD wording below indicates changes made in this EXACT build listed above.

API Changes

  • No changes have been made at this time.

Plugin Changes

  • Added 1.19-1.19.2 support.

  • Added the "deal-damage" to the "projectile-wand-section" to control whether projectiles can deal damage or not.

  • The projectile wand now will no longer damage through the invincibility flag in WorldGuard regions.

  • Added the Spawner Pickaxe alongside SilkSpawners support.

  • The harvestor tools may now be right-clicked on their respected blocks (e.g. harvestor hoe can now turn grass & dirt into farmland).

  • Fixed an issue involving a de-sync between Vault & Faction-WP.

  • Fixed an issue with WorldGuard regions returning safe at all times.

  • Fixed an issue involving replanting.

  • Fixed some material related issues with the Harvester Hoe.

  • Fixed a potential money glitch involving cactus.

  • Fixed some more issues related to materials within 1.17.1 and 1.18.1 in particular.

  • Fixed an issue causing invalid claims to prevent tool usage with GriefPrevention.

  • Fixed 1.8-1.12.2 packet-related issues.