HyperDrive Notes

Current Build: 5.5.1 (Build 5)

Current Status: Discord

BOLD wording below indicates changes made in this EXACT build listed above.

API Changes

  • No changes have been made yet.

Plugin Changes

  • The "player-tpa-invalid" message in the "lang.yml" no longer utilizes the {player} placeholder by default since it can't determine and guarantee a value is present.

  • Tab completion is now more strict to lower the options based on what is already entered.

  • Fixed an issue involving the assistant management messages.

  • Fixed an issue with the "claim-ownership-checks" causing all hooks to avoid checking for ownership.

  • Fixed an issue with the `/warps setstatus <warp> <public|private|admin>` command.

  • Fixed some issues with tab completion.

  • Fixed some issues with command registry.