HyperDrive Notes

Current Build: 5.5.2 (Build 7)

BOLD wording below indicates changes made in this EXACT build listed above.

API Changes

  • No changes have been made at this time.

Plugin Changes

  • Implemented 1.19 - 1.19.1 support.

  • Last location used for commands such as "/back" now do not update when the teleport cause is "UNKNOWN". This prevents updating under certain conditions like pre-respawning.

  • No world border detection has been implemented alongside a new way of handling chunk loading. Currently a normal spigot build will likely NOT function with this build.

  • Warp ownership can no longer be given to players without the `hyperdrive.use.create` and `hyperdrive.use.edit` permissions.

  • Updated the GriefDefenderAPI hook.

  • Added the "server-id" to the "mysql-connection" section.

  • Making an item run the "/warp <name>" command will now hide the warp from the typical warp list.

  • Reworked the filter system to support disabling specific filters and more. The "disabled-filters" list option was added under the "list-menu-section" in the "menu.yml" file.

  • Fixed issues revolving around the player selection and group random teleportation features.

  • Fixed an issue causing RTP to not respect the custom boundaries feature.

  • Fixed an issue with cross-server syncing.

  • Fixed an issue with warp relocation.

  • Fixed an issue with description saving/loading through MySQL.

  • Fixed an issue with RTP Y-axis in nether environments.