HyperDrive Notes

Current Build: 5.4.9 (Build 15)

Current Status: Discord

BOLD wording below indicates changes made in this EXACT build listed above.

API Changes

  • The "isLocationSafe" method within the "HookChecker" class now requires an "isRTP" boolean.

  • Added the "isRandomTeleporting" method to the "TeleportationHandler" class.

Plugin Changes

  • Added direct 1.17 support.

  • Added the "claim-ownership-checks" feature allowing a little bit of hook control.

  • Removed several RTP options involving custom bounding since vanilla borders have become more reliable.

  • Adjusted some methods to use the synchronized keyword.

  • The WorldGuard hook now simply prevents RTP into all regions for the time being.

  • The GriefPrevention hook now skips claims where the owner does NOT match the player.

  • RTP was re-evaluated and replaced with a more simplistic system that is based entirely on the world border of the provided world. It is not recommended to use the RTP without a world border to ensure mathematical calculations are correct.

  • Hex support now uses the formats #000000 and {#000000}.

  • The player name tab-completion now removes vanished players from view at all times.

  • Fixed an issue allowing players to randomly teleport outside of defined bounds.

  • Fixed a potential issue with items disappearing when shift-clicked.

  • Fixed an issue with the creation date by reverting some code.

  • Fixed an issue with cross-server teleportation commands.

  • Fixed an issue with data removal when cross-server is in use under specific conditions.

  • Fixed an issue with version config fixing for sounds.

  • Fixed an issue involving Hex support in clickable help command text.

  • Fixed an issue where hotbar swapping in the GUIs could be done.